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Vending machine Northern 26

The Northern Beaver is a high capacity, low maintenance vender featuring a solid colored body, polycarbonate shatterproof panels, triple chrome plated lid, door and coin mechanism, and other powder coated accessories.

The dual locking system allows for access to merchandise, while restricting access to the cash box. This vender offers a choice of body colors and dispensing conversions, coin mechanisms, and additional options for convenience and efficiency. With the Northern Beaver a wide variety of items can be dispensed up to a maximum size of 3”.
Article number: NB26 Categorieën: , Shipping method: EXW


Panels: Shatter proof polycarbonate

Coin Mechanism: New Generation Beaver, triple chrome plated, with slug diverter and clutch handle

Metal Parts: Triple chrome plated lid, door and coin mechanism. Powder coat base, top ring, hopper, chute frame and corner posts
Available Finishes: anodized silver
Body: Powder coated metal panels with choice of 7 great colors:
  • Circus Red (A2)
  • Black (A4)
  • Arctic White (A5)
  • Sky Blue (A7)
  • Navy Blue (A8)
  • Canary Yellow (A10)
  • Hunter Green (B3)
Lock and Key: Lower tubular and upper flat lock and key geographically assigned for your security
Dispensing Conversion: Choice of merchandise dispensing conversions to vend such as candy, nuts, gum, capsules, etc.
Mechanism Jamming Latch: An exclusive feature eliminating the danger of hands being trapped in the chute
Clips: Interior product display clips
Cash box: Separate cash box
  • Dispensing wheels are locked out and do not turn when chute door is open, to ensure children’s hands do not get caught
  • Non-toxic lubricant on moving parts
  • Shatterproof clear panels
  • Adjustable bulk conversion standard or large capacity (i.e. Nuts, M&Ms, chiclets)
  • 3″ capsule conversion
  • New Generation 2, 3 or 4 coin mechanism
  • Ferrous or Non Ferrous single coin mechanism
  • Coin return guide
  • Tubular top lock
  • NG mechanism prepped for micro-switch
  • Bent and sharpened washer dog on NG mechanism
  • Dimensions: 27cmx27cmx65cm


  • NB20 – 50 cm high (20 inches)
  • NB26 – 66 cm high (26 inches)
  • NB30 – 76 cm high (30 inches)
  • NB40 – 100 cm high (40 inches)
  • NB50 – 127 cm high (50 inches)
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