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Beaver Southern 18

The Southern Beaver is a classic, low maintenance vender featuring a solid colored body and powder coated components.
Its dependability, durability and safety features have earned this product a global reputation.

Suitable for candy, small capsules and gumballs.
With the quality of Beaver Machine mechanisms and a variety of colors to choose from this is a great business opportunity.

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Economically priced, the Southern Beaver candy and gumball machine has a red, black or yellow powder coated finish on the die cast metal parts including the hopper, lid and base. The globe adapter ring is ribbed ABS plastic also available in red, black or yellow. The coin mechanism and door are triple chrome plated.
This vender offers a choice of body colors, dispensing conversions, coin mechanisms, and additional options for convenience and efficiency. The machine is composed of the same components as the Round Beaver with a less expensive powder coat finish which has high durability at a more economic price.
Globe: Shatter proof polycarbonate
Coin Mechanism: World Renowned New Generation 1 Coin Mechanism that has ability to measure both thickness and diameter of coins, with clutch handle
Metal Parts: Powder coated, hopper, lid and base

Available Finishes :  Red or Black

Body: High impact ABS plastic that maintains color consistency when scratched,
7 great body colours to choose from.

Poppy Red (A3) – Black (A4) – Arctic White (A5) – Sky Blue (A7) – Navy Blue (A8) – Canary Yellow (A10) – Hunter Green (B3)

Dispensing Conversion: Choice of merchandise dispensing conversions to vend such as candy, nuts, gum, capsules, etc.
Mounting Hardware: White scuff-proof rubber feet or mounting screws

Safety: Non-toxic lubricant on moving parts. Chute cover protects products from foreign substances. Shatter proof globe


  • RB16 – 40 cm high (16 inches)
  • RB18 – 45 cm high (18 inches)
  • RB23 – 58 cm high (23 inches)
  • 11 dispensing conversion choices
  • World Renowned new Generation 1 coin mechanism that has ability to measure both thickness and diameter of coins, with clutch handle
  • New Generation 1, 2, 3, and 4 coin mechanism
  • Ferrous or Non Ferrous single coin mechanism
  • Micro switch mounted on New Generation coin mechanism
  • Cash drawer – pull tab (black powder coated)
  • RB23 extended globe installed on machine (included two 8 inch globes, center and side rods, locator and coupling rings)
  • RB18 larger capacity globe installed on machine
  • Cut wing on adjustable conversion
  • Mechanism prepped for micro-switch on machine
  • Bent and sharpened washer dog on mechanism

Size Southern 18

  • 45 cm high (18 inches)

Also available:

  • Southern 16 – 40 cm high ( 16 inches )
  • Southern 23 – 58 cm high (23 inches)
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