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  • Magic Box vending machine

    An unique electronic vendingmachine.
    Specifications :  
    • Vends 63 mm up to 100 mm
    • Capacity:
      • ± 160 pieces  100 mm capsules / balls
      • ± 400 pieces 68 mm capsules / balls
    • Available colors: Blue and Red
    • Red with 3″ wheel
    • Blue with 4 “wheel
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  • Electronic capsule 5-vendor

    The latest version of the Electronic Bulk Vending Machine (EBV) brings technology and eye-catching appeal into one  unit.
    The standard configuration is 2 50/57mm and 3 57/68 capsule compartments.
    Optional accessories include Nayax cashless system (yellow in picture) and Comestero multi coin mech (blue in picture) .
    Standard easy programmable coin mechanism to accept different currencies or tokens. 
    Product pricing flexibility features allow the product price to range from 0.05-99.95, (also possible to set credits for tokens) making the product offerings compelling to customers with limitless options.
    • 50/57 mm in upper compartment
    • 57/68 mm in lower compartment
    • 300 x 50mm
    • 200 x 57mm
    • 150 x 68mm
    Metal construction
    Big wheels for easy moving
    Multicolor LED lighting where you can choose 8 colors or just 1 color that matches the location. Music volume adjustable.
    Capsules out en credits in counters.
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  • Mini Shop Crane

    The Minishop crane can be located on every site. It will give a guaranteed price every time. (if no price is detected by the optical eye, the credit will be given back and can be used untill the price is given.)

    Steel cabinet


    Easy to install

    With coin comparator (you can use any coin you wish)

    Durable and reliable

    WIth bright light to attract people

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  • Macaron Crane


    The Macaron crane can be located on every site, because it gives a guaranteed price every time.

    If no price is detected by the IR beam, you can play again till a price is given.

    Bright outlook with led lights on the sides
    Powder coated cabinet
    Easy accesinle electronics panel
    Heavy duty metal structure

    The multi coin mechanism makes the machines suitable for a lot of different countries.
    There is also an option for a coin comparitor mech.

    Available colors: Light Blue and Pink

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  • Mini Baseball Game “Dinosaur”

    Special offer

    Mini Basketball Game “Dinosaur” – Kids 2 player

    A unique small size basketball shooting game machine.

    Can be used with single player or for two players.
    Suitable for children and teenagers.
    With its colorfull design and side led light its a magnet to children
    • Central cashbox
    • Including 10 basketballs
    • Bonustime for extra play
    • 2 different height of hoops
    • Coin mechanism / Double coin mechanism / Multi coin or coin comparitor

    Spare Basketballs can be bought separate.


    One showroommodel in stock. Please ask for price!!

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