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  • Mini Boots with dangler


    Soft Australian boots with dangler

    Different colors

    Ask for close out deal price


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  • Touchpen Dangler


    Colored touchpen danglers for usage on your mobil device

    Now only € 5.00 per 100 pcs – MOQ 1000 pieces
    Price EX Dutch VAT.

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  • DC Comics Backpack clips


    7 Clips to collect

    Collect them all.

    Also suitable for 50 mm capsules 

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  • Transformer dinosaur


    Transformr dinosaurs, self vending product.

    you can open and build them

    Price per piece € 0.068 ct – ex Dutch VAT – MOQ 1500 pcs

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  • Mini soccer shoes


    Mini soccer shoes, a mix of  famous football nations

    100 pcs per bag, per country

    Ask for special close out deal ! 

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  • Cars stickers

    World of Cars stickers

    300 pcs per box

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  • Infinity Charms


    Infinity Charms – Packed in boxes of 300 pcs.

    Individal packed in small boxes – each box holds 3 charms ( mixed assortment )

    Note: these are charms only, NO bracelet or necklace included !

    Price per small box with 3 charms  € 0.175 ct EX Dutch VAT

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  • Girl Ring


    Plastic Girl Rings

    Bags of 250 pcs

    Ask for special quotation / offer

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  • Keyring “Funny” text

    Various keyring with funny text

    Great as a redemption gift.
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  • Betty Boop Sugarbowl

    Special Prices :

    • 100 pcs or more                                                         € 1.00
    • 300 pcs or more                                                         € 0.75
    • All stock, about 600 pcs                                               € 0.50 
    • prices ex VAT and Transport
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  • 32 mm Boulders

    Boulders with candy center.

    Special price – € 32.00 per box of 13.06 kg
    About € 0.035 ct each
    Price is without Dutch VAT of 9%

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  • 73mm Mega Gobstoppers

    Giant mega gobstoppers, white with speckles
    73 mm – 10 pieces per bag – 4 bags per box ( 40 pieces )

    Ask for special quotation per outercase


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  • 50mm Ear Gags

    50 mm

    12 gags to collect

    With hook over your ears.

    Double side displaycard

    Ask for special quote for MOQ 14.000 pieces


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  • 55mm Stackimals

    55 mm

    3 small animals per capsule, Stack them together
    10 designs to collect

    Ask for special quote per outercase

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  • 50mm Hello Kitty Jakz

    50 mm

    1 Jakz and 1 Cable tidy per capsule.

    Collect all 8

    Ask for special quote of MOQ 6.000 pieces.


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  • 63mm Animal Kingdom

    63 mm

    12-in-1 Animals

    Collect all 12 and build the large Elefant.

    Ask for special price, MOQ 2.000 pcs

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  • 68mm Holland Bandana

    68 mm

    Orange Holland bandana

    Also available in bulk 

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  • Adapater Toystation 1

    Bouncingballs Adapter

    For Toystation 1 series only !

    For 45 mm Bouncingballs

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  • Beaver Meridian

    Special price – € 999,-
    Including for € 150,- worth of FREE product.
    EX Dutch VAT
    Available Colours

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow
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  • Vending machine Beaver Tri-Tower – USED

    Used Tri – Tower Beaver ( De Luxe version with 3x RB or normal without 3x RB on the side )
    Option also to be used as 3 single towers ( NB 66 / NB 72 / NB 76 )

    Ask for quotation and current images

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  • Mini Twin – Showroom Model

    Close out price € 1350.00
    EX Dutch VAT

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  • Toy Bus – Showroom Model

    Close out price € 2250.00

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  • Lollipop Vending machine

    A Vendingmachine where you can vend the classic model lollipop, without the stick give you troubles.

    This unique machine can be put on different settings where you can make your own choice on how many lolliopops to vend.
    With the start-stop play system it will be a surprise every time for the customer how many lollies will go through. it can be set for 1-3 lollipops, for 2-4 lollipops, or for 1 or 2 every time.
    This feature will give you great opportunities to make this machine a profit maker.
    The coin mechanism which is self learning makes it possible to the machine work on any coin, which makes the machine suitable for a lot different countries, as well as a token option.
    Coin mechanism Multicoin or coin comparitor

    Ask for special last stock offer including FREE lollipops.


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  • Moneycross machine

    Moneycross vendig machine, play your coin around the racing track down to the finish line and win a large capsule.
    Price every time when you not reach the finishline.|
    Use the competition button to compete in time and skill with other driveres.

    Special offer now:
    € 450.00 for machine with scratch on the base
    € 750.00 for new machine
    Take away price – EX Dutch VAT

    New old stock !


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  • Candy Shop

    A unique Edwardian style of architecture has been used to desigh this fiberglass candy shop.
    With it looks from the early 1900s this shop is an eyecatcher for every location.
    Can be equiped with 12x Round Beaver 16 / 18 machines, and a central cashbox system.
    The door on the right which can be used as a storage room, also has the option to mount a Candy Crane instead.
    Specifications :
    • Extra options:
      • Cashdrawer installed on machines
      • Candy Crane installed instead of door

    Special offer € 4000.00 including 6x RB 16 and 6x RB 18 empty machines
    Price EX Dutch VAT

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  • Single Candycup machine

    Hands free Hygiene deliverd in a cup, Bulk vendingmachine with small cups for the loose products.

    Close out price € 175

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  • Triple Candycup machine

    Hands free Hygiene deliverd in a cup, Bulk vendingmachine with small cups for the loose products.

    Close out price € 500.00
    EX Dutch VAT

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