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EBV Electronic Vending machine

The latest version of the Electronic Bulk Vending Machine (EBV) brings technology and eye-catching appeal into one  unit.
The standard configuration is two 2-inch, two 3-inch and one 4-inch capsule compartments.
Optional accessories include Nayax Touch system (yellow in picture) and Comestero multi coin mech (blue in picture) .
The machine can also accept coins or tokens.
Product pricing flexibility features allow the product price to range from 0.05-99.95, making the product offerings compelling to customers with limitless options.
  • 2x 50 mm in lower compartment
  • 2x 68 mm in upper compartment
  • 1x 95 mm middle compartment
  • 150x 65 mm or 120x 70 mm
  • 230x 57 mm or 300x 50 mm
  • 70x 95 mm
Metal construction
Big wheels for easy moving
Multicolor LED lighting where you can choose 8 colors or just 1 color that matches the location
Capsules out en credits in counters
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Stock info on request.

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