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Toystation Blue White

The Toy Station provides a unique design with two vending heads.

The machines can be easily linked together with the joining plates, link 2,3,4 or more .
The coin box also can be locked in the back of the machine to create additional security for your earnings . ( see padlock on our website )
The machine is a slim design, that doesn’t take up much room. it is good for small spaces.
An optional display unit allows the product to be shown so the consumers can see exactly what they are getting.
The Toystation comes standard with original metal coin mechanisms*

(Beaver coin mechanism for most denominations and single or multiple coin insert is also possible as an option)

* ask for what countries Metal mechs are available.
  • Capacity: + 180 pieces  50 mm capsule or +   50 pieces  68 mm capsule
  • ABS Body
  • Beaver coin mechanism optional
  • Colors: standard color light blue / off white, other pantone color can be made
Article number: MVYB-TOYSTATION MK 2 BL Categorieën: , Shipping method: EXW
35 mm Conversion Kit.

This special kit gives you the oppertunity to vend smaller items in the Toystation 2 machines*

Gum, Bouncingballs ( 27/32 mm ) and 35 mm capsules are all possible.

± 500 Bouncingballls / Capsules / Gum 32 mm

*This kit can only be installed in Toystation  machines produced after June 2018.

They are and are not made to be installed in the machines before June 2018.


  • 43 cm deep | 32 cm wide | 127 cm high
  • Weight: 16 kg net / 18 kg gross
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