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Lollipop Vending machine

A Vendingmachine where you can vend the classic model lollipop, without the stick give you troubles.

This unique machine can be put on different settings where you can make your own choice on how many lolliopops to vend.
With the start-stop play system it will be a surprise every time for the customer how many lollies will go through. it can be set for 1-3 lollipops, for 2-4 lollipops, or for 1 or 2 every time.
This feature will give you great opportunities to make this machine a profit maker.
The coin mechanism which is self learning makes it possible to the machine work on any coin, which makes the machine suitable for a lot different countries, as well as a token option.
Coin mechanism Multicoin or coin comparitor

Ask for special last stock offer including FREE lollipops.


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  • Height 145 cm | Depth 45 cm | Width 50 cm
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