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  • 50mm Lucky shot


    Lucky shot

    Sling shot.

    Packed in a 50mm capsule.

    1 catapult with 2 shooters in capsule.

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  • Topdisplay Toystation

    Topdisplay Toystation:

    show the articles in the machine by using this display that can easily be mounted on top of the toystation.

    Increase your sales by presenting the items.

    Available in red en white

    Comes with lock and key.

    Snelle weergave
  • 75mm Pocket games (sold out wk 09)



    Pocket game. The small version of the popular “hammer game”

    Play and find out how quick you are with fingers.

    Including battery

    Packed in a collectable capsule

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  • 65mm Animal Bricks

    65 mm


    collect all 12 animals to build a dragon king.

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  • Vending machine Classic

    This vending machine is a classic, low maintenance vender featuring a solid colored body.
    Its dependability, durability and safety features makes this the perfect vending machine.

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  • 57mm Peek a Boo Sea Animals



    Great sealife peek a booh animals. Squeeze and they pop out.

    packed in a 57mm capsule.

    collect them all!!

    Snelle weergave
  • 50mm Soccer spinner

    50 mm

    Self Vending Soccer Spinner – No capsule needed.

    Spin them between your fingertips

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  • 50mm Squidopops

    50 mm


    two different sizes

    sticks to smooth surfaces

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  • 50mm Sticky Hammer

    50 mm

    Sticky Hammer

    stretch and swing

    sticks to smooth surfaces

    Snelle weergave
  • Toy Station Blue White

    The Toy Station provides a unique design with two vending heads.

    The machines can be easily linked together with the joining plates, link 2,3,4 or more .
    The coin box also can be locked in the back of the machine to create additional security for your earnings . ( see padlock on our website )
    The machine is a slim design, that doesn’t take up much room. it is good for small spaces.
    An optional display unit allows the product to be shown so the consumers can see exactly what they are getting.
    The Toystation comes standard with original metal coin mechanisms*

    (Beaver coin mechanism for most denominations and single or multiple coin insert is also possible as an option)

    * ask for what countries Metal mechs are available.
    • Capacity: + 180 pieces 50 mm capsule, + 120 pieces 57mm capsule or + 50 pieces 68mm capsule.
    • ABS Body
    • Beaver coin mechanism optional
    • Dimensions: 43cmx31cmx126cmcolors: standard color: blue / off white, red / off white, other pantone color can be made
    • parts can be ordered. For low costs you can fix it or make it look like new. Ask for prices and availability.

    link to: Toystation yellow white

    link to: Toystation red white

    Snelle weergave
  • Padlock Toystation

    Small padlock to secure separate your Toystation cashbox at the back of the machine.
    For model Toystation 1 & 2 .


    Snelle weergave
  • Beaver Stand BS215 (LIMITED STOCK)

    The BS215 stand is constructed with a powder coated, cast iron base and a triple chrome plated single pipe steel tube. It is designed to mount one or two Round Beaver, Ball Globe Beaver or Southern Beaver series machines. This stand comes standard with the Beaver safety harness system, securing it to the wall, helping to prevent tipping, tampering and abuse. The BS215 is manufactured in accordance with the Beaver industry setting standards, which have existed for over 40 years.

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  • Magic Box vending machine

    An unique electronic vendingmachine.
    Specifications :  
    • Vends 63 mm up to 100 mm
    • Capacity:
      • ± 160 pieces  100 mm capsules / balls
      • ± 400 pieces 68 mm capsules / balls
    • Available colors: Blue and Red
    • Red with 3″ wheel
    • Blue with 4 “wheel
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  • Machine Superbee & Dodge

    2 vending machines based on US car manufacturers.

    • Dodge SuperBee
    • Dodge RAM
    – Deep adjustable conversion, Machines are for Nuts, Dextrose candy, M&M’s ( not for Gum )
    – Coin mech is for Dollar 0.25 ct only – can be put on Free vend
    – Rubber feet for protection for usage on countertop
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  • Candy Shop

    A unique Edwardian style of architecture has been used to desigh this fiberglass candy shop.
    With it looks from the early 1900s this shop is an eyecatcher for every location.
    Can be equiped with 12x Round Beaver 16 / 18 machines, and a central cashbox system.
    The door on the right which can be used as a storage room, also has the option to mount a Candy Crane instead.
    Specifications :
    • Extra options:
      • Cashdrawer installed on machines
      • Candy Crane installed instead of door

    Showroommodel!! Ask us for the price.

    Snelle weergave
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